The School Bag

Do you know what to pack in your child’s bag for their day at Kotara Montessori? Here is a go-to list so you don’t miss anything!

At Kotara Montessori we enjoy a shared morning tea of freshly prepared fruit and vegetables. Please bring a piece of fruit or a vegetable to be cut up and served for morning tea time. Children can be involved in the food preparation, serving, washing up and packing away as part of Practical Life in the Montessori Program. This develops independence and confidence, an appreciation for the food they consume and the work that goes into preparing it, as well as improving fine motor skills and concentration through the use of tongs to serve food.


You don’t need to send a water bottle each day. On your child’s first day, please bring along a small cup (not plastic), labelled with their name, for them to drink from. This will stay at the centre. 

Each day pack the following:

  • Piece of fruit or a vegetable
  • Wide-brim hat
  • Full set of spare clothes
  • Packed lunch – you can read our lunchbox blog post to get some helpful hints and tips for what to pack in your child’s lunchbox. Kotara Montessori is NUT FREE – this includes tree nuts and peanuts, and products containing these. The other food item not allowed is Baked Beans as one child anaphylactic.
  • Bottles/Formula


All bedding is supplied by Kotara Montessori. 


In the Nido room nappies are supplied by the centre. In the Bambini room nappies need to be supplied by parents.


Please label your child’s items.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

– Maria Montessori

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