The education of even a small child,
therefore, does not aim at preparing him
for school, but for life.
– Maria Montessori
The education of even a small child,
therefore, does not aim at preparing him
for school, but for life.
– Maria Montessori

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About Kotara Montessori

Welcome to Kotara Montessori Children’s Centre where we have been nurturing a love of learning and independence for over 25 years. Kotara Montessori caters for children from 6 months – 6 years. Kotara Montessori is the first Montessori Registered childcare centre in Newcastle as certified by the Montessori Quality Assurance Council (MQAC). Our passionate and Montessori qualified educators provide the highest quality early childhood education and care.

Our Commitment

  • Trust in your child to be an initiator, an explorer and self-learner
  • An environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging, emotionally nurturing and beautifully presented. Independence for your child in movement, choice and activitie
  • Sensitive observation of your child to understand their own unique needs.
  • Consistency of educators, routines and curriculum, all of which contribute to our calm and peaceful environment.
  • A foundation for secure relationships, enduring curiosity, and lasting self-confidence.

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A Word From Our Director

The Montessori program emphasises learning through the senses to encourage brain development and complements the early stages of development. Through a structured and scientifically designed curriculum, the renowned Montessori approach encourages children to become aware of the importance of the contribution they make to the world through peace education, social responsibility and how to take care of and protect our world (eco friendly education).

I am so passionate about the Montessori approach and the way it fosters independence, responsibility and confidence in our children. Please come and meet me and our nurturing educators, see our centre… we would love to care for your child during the most precious time of their lives.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”

– Maria Montessori

Hear From Our Parents

Montessori has been such a wonderful experience for my son. They are very supportive and think outside the square. There is so much learning and instilling independence.
Such an amazing centre. All the staff are amazing. Such a welcoming environment. Lorcan has come leaps and bounds ahead in so many areas since starting here. So glad we chose Kotara Montessori to give Lorcan the best start
Kotara Montessori staff have a kind and caring nature and are very considered in the way they work with the children. We especially appreciate how they support our child’s emotional wellbeing.
We’re so happy with Kotara Montessori. Alessandro has settled in so quickly and all the educators are lovely and make him feel welcome every week.
The staff are lovely and caring and The classrooms are neat and tidy and have well cared for Montessori materials, a great example of how Montessori can be incorporated into a day care setting.
Kotara Montessori has provided a nurturing, gentle and supportive environment in which my children have thrived both socially and emotionally.

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